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Produced by Jim Bowsky.  What Is intensive Gardening?

Intensive gardening is exactly what it says it is.

It relies on techniques such as super nutrition, watering systems,
companion planting, vertical gardening, raised beds, container
garden, edible landscaping, maybe even rooftop gardening that can
allow people to grow more garden in less space.

In some areas it may even be combined with fishponds, aqua-culture,
aquaponics or maybe milk producing and meat producing animals to
provide a large part of their diet.

It is the belief of this writer as well as many other people that these
techniques plus many others could go a long ways towards solving
the world's food shortage.

It is my pleasure to share these systems with you.

Jim Bowsky

My Interest In All Of This

I was raised on a dairy farm in Michigan. We raised a garden that was
large enough to take the fence down at 1 end in the spring, spread
composted manure and work it with farm equipment.

That garden plus the eggs, milk and meat from the dairy cows,
chickens and turkeys fed a family of 7 plus my grandparents for the
entire year. We took some of our milk payment in butter, sugar beet
payment in sugar. Most of the bread was home baked. We often
ground the wheat for flour. We had a fruit orchard with apples and
pears, had cider pressed and we drove about 15 miles to pick
cherries and peaches at a commercial orchard.

Over the holidays we brought in some cranberries, marshmallows,
nuts and candy. The rest of the food was canned or in the root cellar.

True this was a family dairy farm located where there was lots of
rainfall, thick topsoil, lots of composted manure from the dairy cows,
but you can grow some portion of your own food in much of the world.

Our Financial Purpose

While I have friends and contacts that will market and sell products
from this site over 70% of my after tax income will go towards the
education of people and seed money to help them get started on their
own journey of becoming more self-sufficient.

Some of our money will go to some of the people that I have provided
links for below. We invite you to support them as well.

Our purpose here is also to save you time and money by being the
traffic cop and only direct you to the best of kind sites and products.

A green light means it has our seal of approval. A caution light will
mean we don't know enough to give it our seal of approval. A red light
would mean be aware of danger.

We would like to encourage all of you to become a part of our
collective mission to train and equip people to become more
self-sufficient as well as to enjoy gardening the fullest degree
possible. Here's to happy gardening.

We are going to support only 3 related systems at this time.

Most of the other systems we will support can use these systems as
their foundations

We are still looking at aquaponics systems. I believe there is a lot they
can provide to furnish food in small spaces and in cold areas.

They will not provide to kind of garden area to grow areas of squash,
corn, potatoes, etc..

One of the best gardening systems I have found for larger areas, nice
produce and good yields
with a minimum of work follows

I would highly recommend you purchase their materials.

aquaponics: pending

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